Petra – New in Chengdu

Petra – New in Chengdu


你好! hello, or Servus as we say in Bavaria! My name is Petra. I am 22 years old and excited to support the InternChina team in Chengdu for two months. I am studying International Culture and Business Studies in Passau, which is a very tiny but lovely town in the southeast of Germany.

me in dirndl (traditional bavarian clothing)

Two years ago I knew very little about China. Only that it is very far away, has a famous great wall and a huge population! I gained a better knowledge of China when I began to take Chinese classes and this is why I’m sitting in the InternChina office right now in Chengdu.

Learning Chinese made me curious to come to China. I talked to Jenny, (the office manager in Chengdu) about doing an internship here. Everything was set up so quickly and professionally. Only one month after my Skype interview I was standing at Chengdu airport waiting for my luggage to arrive. Unfortunately it did not. Luckily my homestay family helped me out with everything! Of course this was also a good occasion (and a perfect excuse) to visit some of the incredibly giant shopping centers here to buy new things!

with my homestay “sister”

Back in Germany I live in a tiny village with only 18 inhabitants, whereas Chengdu is home to almost 14 million people! So it’s no wonder that I’ve already been lost twice here. But there were always friendly Chinese people who were able to help me out and point me in the right direction. So no need to worry if, like me, you are not used to big cities like Chengdu!

Thanks to my awesome homestay family and the InternChina family, I am starting to feel home after only two days.  I am excited to meet all the other Chengdu interns for our Thursday Dinner at the Global Center. It is the world’s biggest building by square meters. Hopefully I will not get lost there again =).

Would you like to come to Chengdu as well? Apply for an internship right now to get started!