Pia´s Introduction Blog

Pia´s Introduction Blog


Written by Pia
Hello everyone out there,
My name is Pia, I’m the new Intern in the Zhuhai office of InternChina. At home in Germany I study Business Administration Marketing and Media management at a very, very small Campus (Kuenzelsau) at the University of Heilbronn. It has very beautiful countryside views, but doesn’t have anything really special for students. So I needed to see something different, I needed to see the world. But the only opportunity to go abroad was studying or doing an internship.  I decided to do an Internship, in that way you can learn more about how business is working and running in China.

visting a temple in China

Why did I choose China to go to? China is a totally different world from Europe. Before I came to Zhuhai I travelled a lot through Asia in the last few years. I’ve done a short Internship in Hong Kong, did a backpacker trip through Malaysia and Singapore and visited Shanghai and Shenzhen.

beautiful country side in China

Through those trips I learned a lot about other cultures and their behaviours, and in return I taught them about my culture. It was a lot of fun. I love to travel and meet new people. And this is what I enjoy with InternChina in Zhuhai as well.

The fact that the office is in Zhuhai makes my internship even more exciting. It’s a beautiful, sunny costal city – that is what everyone told me. Since I’m here it’s raining all the time and a typhoon went over the city.  But I can vouch that there are palm trees everywhere, so it’s not a typical grey city like Europeans think of when they picture China.
It is so much fun to work with a young and international team that shares the same passion for travelling and adventure.

shopping in China

After only two days I can say that it is the right decision to spend half a year in China. Though it had been a hard trip. At the Airport of Hong Kong my luggage got lost and I wasn’t allowed to take the last ferry to Zhuhai without my luggage. So I had to wait for 2 hours till I could take a ferry to Macau. And from Macau I took a taxi to the boarder of China, where I got picked up from my intern colleague and flatmate Jack 🙂

We currenttly have these internships in Zhuhai. Send us your application to join Pia in China.