Placement Year

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Welcome to our placement programme for MA Intercultural Business Communications students from UCLan. We hope that through our guided programme, you will learn vital employability skills and discover placement opportunities as part of your UCLan degree. This page outlines the basics of our programme, schedule and next steps.

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Programme Details


During June to August, Pagoda will run 10 pre-placement sessions. These will be 1 hour online or in-person coaching seminars. 


You are able to complete an in-person, remote or hybrid work placement. The choice is yours and subject to the requirements of the host company you will be working for. As such you could be working from the comfort of your home for a company based in Mexico, Thailand, Europe or even as local as Manchester. 


During August & September, you will identify and apply for your placement opportunities. Once you have identified the company you will be doing your placement with, Pagoda will support you through the necessary university documentation and company vetting process. 

Important Dates

If your university intake date was January you will need to start your placement no later than September to be able to complete the required 550 placement hours and have time to submit your final reports by the end of December. If your university intake was September then you need to start in October or November.

Programme Stages

During June to August, you will take part in online and in-person sessions delivered by the Pagoda team. These include skills courses, webinars, Q&A sessions, interviews and coaching sessions. 

You will begin your placement! Remember you need to compete 550 hours and it should be full-time hours. During your placement Pagoda will be here to offer support. You will have access to our Portal where you can submit weekly check-ins and have access to other skills courses we offer. You can also use the portal to create a placement journal which will help with you final assignments. 

Following your placement, we gather extensive feedback and work with the UCLan team to guide you into the next phase of your graduate career journey.

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