Qingdao and its Beautiful Seaside

Qingdao and its Beautiful Seaside


Previously Stephan gave you good reasons to go to Qingdao, Today, I will focus on the seaside to give you more details about Qingdao´s beauty.
I arrived in September and in this time of the year Qingdao presents itself from its best side. The temperature is surprisingly mild and the sun is shining most of the time.
While most of Germany is already stuck in the middle of an uncomfortable autumn it feels like in Qingdao summer just don’t want to go.
And the best thing Qingdao has to offer in a time like this is definitely its sea.

InternChina- One of the many beaches in Qingdao

If you have an hour or two take your time to discover the coastal area of Qingdao.
One small but nice little beach is only a short walk away from Marina City to feel a little more home.

InternChina- Qingdao’s Lighthouse

Afterwards turn left and start your walk. Along the Sailing Centre, the Darling’s Pier and enjoy escaping the busy streets. While walking along the promenade have a look on the sea and enjoy the white flags of an uncountable number of small sailing boats or watch the fishers emptying their fishing net.  Finish your walk by refreshing your toes in the water or go in there for a little swim.

InternChina- Fisherman in Qingdao

It won’t take much time but these are definitely things you need to see whilst in Qingdao. So try it and discover Qingdao’s nice costal area yourself.

Qingdao is a beautiful city. We offer great internships as well, so apply now.