Stephanie’s Weekend in Qingdao: IC Beach Party

Stephanie’s Weekend in Qingdao: IC Beach Party

This Saturday was the day of THE beach party! I’ve heard so much about this event since I arrived to Qingdao’s office. I was really looking forward to seeing what it was like.

QD Beach Party: An Annual Affair

‪So on Saturday morning, the plan was to meet on the coast for a boat trip for only 9 RMB, But when we woke up, it was raining. The trip was unfortunately cancelled.

Qingdao Brewery: A German-Chinese institution known around the world

‪A trip to Qingdao would not be complete without a Tsingtao Brewery tour,  so we decided to visit the beer museum to know more about the most popular Chinese beer.

IC Qingdao Manager Jack showing Qingdao some love

‪The place is amazing! You enjoy the great surroundings and atmosphere once you arrive. Tsingtao Brewery Museum, located East of ChuShuiShan Children’s Park and south of Taidong on Qingdao Beer Street, is China’s oldest brewery (1903).


Qingdao through the ages!

‪The museum shows the history of the Brewery, from the German ownership to the Chinese. It was very informative, and the samples of fresh beer straight from the production line were a great way to end the tour. It was a fun stop during our day.

IC Qingdao: Redefining the city's party-scene since 2007

‪Then it was time to party! The weather could have been better, but let’s face it, no world is perfect. Luckily we had better weather than the last beach party. When we arrived the sky was foggy and we couldn’t see clearly the sea, but by the end of the evening we had the chance to see the fantastic view of Qingdao’s coast.

The beer pong arena distinguishing the champions from the pretenders

‪Lots of InternChina’s interns were present and we had a great time partying all together. InterChina’s team prepared some snacks, beverages, glow sticks and of course BEER for everyone. We played some games like beer pong, flip cup…

IC Managers Phil and Jack

‪AND some Chinese people joined the party and showed us how to drink, China style! To end the party, some of us decided to take a late night dip in the sea, the water was nice and we were surrounded by Qingdao’s awesome skyline… good times! In a nutshell, it was a great party and evening where we all had lot of fun and enjoyed ourselves!

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