Qipao-Party in Zhuhai

Qipao-Party in Zhuhai


On Friday, September 6th, the Zhuhai office, IC interns and friends had a “Chinese Traditional Clothing”-Party at Sunny´s apartment. The girls came in beautiful dresses and the guys in really cool Chinese Pyjamas .
The Cheongsam (chinese 长衫 chángshān, means long dress) or Qipao (chinese 旗袍 qípáo) is the Chinese traditional dress for women.

InternChina- Zhuhai interns having a Traditional Chinese Clothing party
InternChina-Zhuhai office wearing traditional Qipao’s

Sunny prepared a lot of delicious food and everybody brought some beers, other beverages and snacks. It was a lot of fun. After a great evening of talking, laughing, eating and drinking we were in dancing mood so we headed to club “Coco”. Coco is famous for its luau theme and grilled chicken. Of course the Chinese people were starring at us and probably they were also thinking “Why are these foreigners wearing Chinese traditional clothes?” but it was a big hit and everyone wanted to take pictures with us.

InternChina- Jamie, Phil, Joe and Sunny in traditional Chinese dress
InternChina-Having fun in Coco in Zhuhai

Everybody was enjoying the night and dancing like crazy and went to the wee hours of the morning.

InternChina- Zhuhai know how to party!


InternChina- Sunny and Phil

If you would like to party with Sunny then apply now!