Rafting Adventure in Qingdao

Rafting Adventure in Qingdao

On Saturday it was time for the Qingdao InternChina Crew to get the spirit of adventure going once again. We were ready to go for a funny, and at the same time, adventurous rafting trip. But before the rafting fun could start it was a long journey. We had to go on an exhausting three hour bus trip to get to the rafting park. After finally arriving, putting on some ugly and not so safe vests, we climbed up the mountain to the starting point….

starting the adventure

Only to be confronted by hundreds of waiting Chinese people. This meant another full hour of waiting in the burning sun. In the starting pool you could see boat after boat after boat, so you literally couldn’t see any water! It was crazy! But the whole exhausting journey was rewarded big time. When the rafting started, and our group finally got into the boats and raved down the river and the atmosphere immediately changed.

Qingdao interns on the river

It was no longer an exhausting, endless trip. We enjoyed a wild and tremendous experience. I could not imagine seeing so many soaking wet, happy people with a smile on their faces…

InternChina Qingdao on a rafting trip

like a little child who just got a lollypop! Afterwards, we continued our fun time with a thrilling match of laser tag. The two teams had a hard battle in the forest of the mountains with some of them intelligently hiding while others went for the attack like Rambo… Happy and a little bit tired we got back to our beloved city of Qingdao in the evening.

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