Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province, the most liveable city in West China and the fourth most liveable city in China. Located in the heart of the country, it is the gate for travellers to Tibet in the West, Xian in the North and Kunming in the South. Chengdu’s history stretches back over 4000 years. Since the Chinese government started to promote the ‘Go West’ campaign, hundreds of big international companies have relocated their production to Chengdu and Chongqing.

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Mealtime for Chengdu’s Pandas – InternChina

Jaasir is doing his internship at a Chinese Investment Consultancy Company (CDBS30)

This is a Chinese firm that was just recently established in September 2012, and Jaasir is based in their business centre in the heart of Chengdu. They provide financial consultancy services for private equity, venture capital and local small and medium-sized enterprises throughout Sichuan. They also provide strategy consultancy and agency services for Real Estate developers and investment funds. The current office has seven permanent staff, so it’s a familiar and friendly atmosphere to work in. Not forgetting fabulous views of some of the city’s most impressive architecture too.

What are Jaasir’s tasks and responsibilities as an intern?

Jaasir in his Office – InternChina
Jaasir in his Office – InternChina

Being a Business Development Assistant at the company involves promoting the business and its services. Jaasir has been in charge of drafting brochures and marketing materials in English, as well as designing an entire website in English. A responsibility he’s both enjoyed and learned a lot from.

He has also been attending meetings and networking events with his director, helping to establish and build up relationships with clients. Not to mention writing business proposals and collaborating with colleagues to come up with new ways for the company to develop in the future.

What does Jaasir think about his internship and his time in China?

Chinese work in a totally different type of mindset and culture. It’s great getting used to it. Great getting the international experience.

To everyone who’s asked me, how is China different to the UK? I can only say come over here and have a look. It’s really interesting!

Jaasir from the UK


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