Today is my last day at InternChina’s Chengdu office and it has been an amazing 6 months. Time has certainly flown by and it’s sad to be leaving. I have had great colleagues from the ever changing team and amongst them, I have also made great friends.

Although only just an intern at InternChina, I have been given real responsibility and have been welcomed into the team from day one. My main responsibilities have changed over the months and I am grateful I was given the opportunity to get involved in everything, from marketing to sales to business development . You will never have a dull moment interning at InternChina and there is never a time where you will have nothing to do! Multitasking and the ability to prioritise your workload is key.

Marketing, sales and business development? There is no clear cut line to which of the tasks I undertook falls under which category. Working on Social Media Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook etc – at first glance you would put it under marketing with perhaps no link to the others. However, it can also bring in sales if your tweet/post reach the right people. At times, this may have been the first time they have heard about InternChina, which resulted in them sending their application in and then signing a contract to come to China to do an internship. Most tasks overlap each area and I have enjoyed every aspect of it.

Just to name a few of the tasks I was involved in: coordinating, proofreading and writing blogs, tweeting, posting on Instagram and positions on job boards. Dealing with applications from the beginning to end – answering their questions to liaising with a company to place them. Finding new partner companies – researching companies in Chengdu and contacting them to establish partnerships. There were also many other ad hoc duties which included keeping our CRM system updated with information on our clients and companies, creating contracts and partnership agreements and ensuring all Chengdu positions are added on the website, plus many more.

If you wish to undertake an internship at InternChina in the any of our offices n Qingdao, Zhuhai or Chengdu. Send your application through the apply now page now.