After weeks of planning and preparation I have finally made it to China and am living the Zhuhai dream with InternChina.

It has only been two days but I feel like I have adjusted well to the easy-going and relaxed pace of life in Zhuhai. This includes meeting new people, enjoying the tropical temperatures and the constant supply of DELICIOUS food, I definitely think I could get used to this life… 

InternChina Zhuhai Intern Seafood Dinner
InternChina Seafood Dinner

Having recently graduated from the University of Sheffield in Chinese Studies and Business Management I was in a situation, familiar amongst most graduates, where I was trying to figure out what my next steps were.

In my second year, spending a year abroad in China opened my eyes to whole new wealth of experiences and challenges that I will never forget. So the opportunity to once again return to this beautiful country to test and stretch myself was the most obvious decision.

InternChina Zhuahai Office members
InternChina Zhuhai Office members

So far, my short time here interning with InternChina has been fast paced and very involved. From day one there were events to organise, blog posts to write and new programmes to understand and use. It has been tiring but I won’t ask for anything less. I am learning a lot and look forward to embracing new opportunities and challenges along the way!

Come along to Zhuhai and challenge yourself by applying here!