Sanctuary Scholarships

Pagoda is proud to support our university partners by offering free access to our online skills courses for recipients of university Sanctuary or Refugee Scholarships.

Education should be first and foremost accessible to all. 

What is a Sanctuary Scholarship?


In order to work collaboratively with universities, we refer to each university’s criteria to receive the scholarship and offer free access to our online skills courses as an additional benefit of the scholarship. Details on how access for your students will be provided upon enquiry.

The Online Skills Courses

Our courses focus on Employability, Digital Competency and Intercultural Fluency. We believe this framework will provide you with the agility needed for a global and ever-changing workplace. We’ll give you the aptitude to communicate effectively within an international work-group or team so you can tackle the job market with awareness, preparation and confidence. You’ll also have an amazing understanding of ‘digital’ for once you’ve gained employment.

As qualifications have become a significant measure in terms of employability, each course provides a certificate of completion to show in your job applications.

On a survey conducted by Universities UK which asked about what’s most important for getting a job, the survey showed that ‘for both graduates of all levels and subject areas, skills and competencies came first (82.4% reported this to be a formal or important requirement), followed by relevant work experience (66.7%)’. Similarly, 87% of employers listed attitudes and aptitudes for work more important than relevant work experience, degree result and degree subject when hiring a graduate.

Universities: How to get involved

Pagoda is thrilled to work with universities to give students access to the online skills courses listed above.

To get involved, please enter your details below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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