Scotland to Chengdu: An international experience!

Scotland to Chengdu: An international experience!


Being from Scotland, and looking for a challenge I decided to travel to one of the most unusual areas of the world I could think of; Chengdu, China.

Having attended one of the InternChina talks held at Dundee University, I was intrigued by the description of the various locations on offer, but none stood out to me more than Chengdu. The mix between traditional Chinese living and modern surroundings seemed like the perfect combination and grabbed my attention immediately.


From there I sent off my application, went through the Skype interview process and after finishing my third year university exams, I am now an Intern in the InternChina Chengdu office for 6 weeks. Much like through the application process, arriving in China I was immediately supported and given all the help I needed. As in contrast to some of the other interns both in the office and in placements around the city I have never been to Mainland China before so I am at a slight disadvantage in this regard. However I was greeted at the airport by my manager Paul, and was put at ease straight away and the whole team has been great at helping me settle in!


Chengdu Thursday Dinners
Interns Dinner every Thursday in Chengdu

Thinking of the Adventure to Come

Having been here for a few days now I am taking my time to get accustomed to the culture and way of life, (however I have been told where I can find a few home comforts if needed!)


Throughout this internship I am hoping to achieve not only a greater understanding of Chinese culture, but also a way of working life. Having spent some time in the office already, it is refreshing to be tasked with real responsibility and trust, which is unlike many of the internships back home in the U.K. Although the office is a very welcoming and a fun atmosphere, the client-dedicated focus of InternChina means there is always something to keep you busy.


InternChina office Chengdu
The team in IC Chengdu Office


I am looking forward to see what the next few weeks will bring for me, and the challenge ahead, and hopefully I’ll be able to leave Chengdu with a few stories for life!

If you think this sounds fun why not  apply now!