See you Chengdu

See you Chengdu


“You will arrive in a very busy time.” That were the words that Paul (Branch Manager Chengdu) told me before I arrived. After two short weeks the first group programme started. A German group from the Hochschule Heilbronn came to Chengdu and I found myself acting as a guide through Chengdu. The team in Chengdu made it really easy for me and I saw many places of Chengdu by myself.

Hiking at Emei Mountain

After two fantastic weeks we had one week left before the next group from the UK arrived. At this time I already felt like a pro guide *cough. After another two amazing weeks I was astonished at what my internship already offered me- but it hadn’t started at all. All the time I see so many interns coming to and leaving Chengdu and I have made so many friends here alongside so many amazing experiences. Besides the two group trips, I was going to different places like Liujiang Old Town, JiuZhaiGou, Leshan etc. I cannot say which of these trips were my favourite because every single one has its own highlights. Neither can I say which dish I enjoyed the most. No doubt the Dojo parties count as one of my favourite parties over here.


My biggest task was surely the field of marketing. Redesigning the newsletter for the interns challenged me. Making videos for the Youtube channel nearly drove me mad. Learning all the different marketing tools was more than interesting and has taught me so much for the future. Chengdu will count as one of my best experiences in my life. How can I summarise this in just a few sentences?
Maybe just click my blog here to read more, or look at the video that I made to encapsulate my experience.

It is time to say good bye and I hope to come back as soon as possible.

Everybody who wants to make the same experience as me just apply for a internship here. It is totally worth it!