SGE Europe

Sustainable Global Experience™ EUROPE

Carbon-conscious study tours in Amsterdam and Brussels

SGE Europe is Pagoda’s flagship SGE programme.

Phase 1 - Digital Component

  • 12 hours of Carbon Literacy Training
  • Lifetime access to Pagoda’s online skills courses
  • An online community accessible via the Pagoda Portal
  • Live online events, webinars and networking opportunities
  • Digital certificates from Pagoda & the Carbon Literacy Project
  • Lifetime access to the Pagoda alumni network
  • Access to the Pagoda Portal and resources

Phase 2 - Five-day field trip

  • A one-week field trip to Amsterdam or Brussels
  • Carbon Literacy Training and Certification Fees
  • Return coach and Eurostar travel from campus
  • Five-night hostel accommodation with breakfast 
  • Orientations, scavenger hunts and organised group activities
  • Masterclasses, tours and talks with local businesses
  • Guided city tours and paid-for tourist attractions
  • Group projects and presentation sessions
  • Full support from Pagoda’s in-country team
  • Some group lunches and dinners
  • Health and travel insurance
  • Carbon emissions offset by at least 150%


Programme Breakdown

Our SGE programmes explore sustainable development in theory and practice. 

They are designed to widen participation for students from underrepresented groups who struggle to take part in longer mobility programmes. Short, closer to home and at an affordable cost per student, SGE is inclusive for all students – no matter their background or area of study. 

Ensuring all students are happy and feel supported during their internship is our number one priority. The pagoda team will provide outstanding support for all students on the programme. This includes:

+ Online support from our friendly team to ensure they successfully complete their Carbon Literacy Training and pledges

+ Pre-departure information sessions to ensure students are prepared for their field trip

+ Experienced programme leaders who are fully trained in first aid and mental health

+ Comprehensive travel and health insurance for every participant

+ Automatic enrollment into our alumni network providing news, events, graduate job openings and opportunities for further study

Carbon Literacy Certification is widely recognised as a personal and professional commitment to tackling climate change. All our SGE programmes include 12 hours of Carbon Literacy Training, accredited by Manchester’s Carbon Literacy Project

Over one week, students will attend two online sessions delivered by Pagoda Projects’ Carbon Literacy Facilitators, complete self-directed study and submit a pledge to the project. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate from the Carbon Literacy Project.

The key topics covered are: 

  • The Definition of Greenhouse Gases 
  • International Carbon Footprints
  • International Vulnerability to Climate Change
  • The Carbon Footprint of Food & Travel
  • The Urgency to Taking Action on Climate Change
  • Spheres of Influence
  • Communicating (Climate) Change
  • Energy Behaviours & Carbon Savings
  • Imagining a Zero Carbon World
  • The Role of Education in Delivering Zero Carbon 

Each field trip is different, with activities based around each city’s efforts to localise and implement the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Example activities include

De Ceuvel

A cleantech playground, home to the latest experiments in sustainable technology.

NEMO Science Museum

Energy Junkies is an exhibition exploring our addiction to energy.

BIGH Anderlect

An urban aquaponics farm improving local food production and supplies.


The European Parliament, a global stage for the fight for climate justice.

Through SGE, we’re not just teaching sustainability, we’re living it. Climate education is built into every element of the programme, including travel, food and accommodation.

Students travel to London from campus by coach, and to their European city by Eurostar. Eurostar’s high-speed trains are the most carbon-efficient option when travelling between London and neighbouring European cities.
Hostels in Europe have a small carbon footprint and a big sense of community. They’re safe, conveniently located and known for their sustainable practices, making them the ideal accommodation for this programme.

Travelling from London to Brussels via Eurostar emits 90% fewer greenhouse gases than a short-haul flight, and 80% less for London to Amsterdam.

Being carbon conscious, each field trip’s emissions are offset by at least 150% through one of Gold Standard’s development projects, making this the first carbon-neutral student mobility programme in the world.

Group Projects

Collaborative group projects and presentations are a key part of this programme. 

Students will learn about the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) policies as a metric for measuring a company’s performance against their SDGs. In groups, they’re asked to conduct their own research into a company throughout the week, present a SWOT analysis and make recommendations for improvement. 


+ Gain knowledge of the UN’s SDGs as a framework for understanding climate issues

+ Develop an awareness of sustainable business practices and unethical greenwashing tactics

+ Apply conceptual understandings of sustainability to real-life situations

+ Develop a wide range of skills for the workplace, including our eight key competencies

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