SGE Overview

Sustainable Global Experience™

Equip your students with essential skills and credentials in sustainability

Sustainable Global Experience (SGE) is a short study programme with Carbon Literacy at its core.

On this programme, students will:


In 2022, 61% of our SGE students came from a low-income background.


This programme is now running in three amazing destination cities and online.


SGE is the first carbon-neutral international mobility programme in the world.

Programme Breakdown

Our SGE programmes explore sustainable development in theory and practice. 

Each programme is different, with activities based around each city’s efforts to localise and implement the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Whether that’s closing nutrient loops at Amsterdam’s CleanTech Playground, touring the home of the European Parliament, or visiting Bangkok’s coconut farming communities, we’re showing how sustainable development is really done, in the real world. 

Through SGE, we’re not just teaching sustainability, we’re living it.

Climate education is built into every element of the programme, including travel, food and accommodation. As the world’s first carbon-neutral international mobility programme, it’s a living, breathing model for sustainable development education.

Carbon Literacy is defined as “the knowledge and capacity required to create a positive shift in how mankind lives, works and behaves in response to climate change”. Carbon Literacy Certification is widely recognised as a personal and professional commitment to tackling climate change. 

All our SGE programmes include 12 hours of Carbon Literacy Training, accredited by Manchester’s Carbon Literacy Project. Over one week, students will attend two online sessions delivered by Pagoda Projects’ Carbon Literacy Facilitators, complete self-directed study and submit a pledge to the project. 

Upon completion, students will receive a certificate from the Carbon Literacy Project.


All SGE programmes give students a global perspective of sustainable development.

Students will equip themselves with the tools and techniques to implement sustainable development practices in their own lives – at home, at university and in the workplace. All our SGE programmes

  • Train students in Carbon Literacy, accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project
  • Deepen students’ understanding of carbon emissions, sustainable living and sustainable industries – in the context of their destination city
  • Provide students with an opportunity to travel abroad, experience a new culture and develop their intercultural skills


  • Give students hands-on experience in a genuine professional context
  • Encourage students to network, personally and professionally
  • Develop students’ transferable skills through group projects and activities. This includes comprehension, analysis, research, evaluation and presentation.
  • Measure students’ skills development against Pagoda’s core competencies

Our 2019 University Partner Survey highlighted the need for more international mobilities that appeal to a wider student demographic. Our partners wanted opportunities that are

+ Closer to home
+ Shorter in duration
+ Lower in cost per student
+ With a low carbon footprint

SGE is designed to make climate education a possibility for every student. Its blended format, short international field trips, destination choices and affordability make it suitable for any student – no matter their circumstances, characteristics or academic profile. 

SGE is particularly high value for students with additional needs or lower-income groups. This means it’s ideal for improving access to opportunity and widening participation at your university.

Current Programmes


A One-Week Sustainable Global Experience in Amsterdam or Brussels

For Universities in the UK/ Europe


A Two-Week Sustainability and Migration Programme in Bangkok 


For Universities in the Asia-Pacific


A One-Week Online Sustainable Global Experience

For Universities in the UK

Programme Outcomes

In 2022 we welcomed over 200 students into this programme.


Would recommend this programme to a friend


Agreed this programme had a positive effect on their overall university experience


Agreed they were more motivated to live sustainably


Agreed this programme taught them new ways to reduce their carbon footprint