Sustainable Global Experience™

Carbon-conscious study tours in Amsterdam and Brussels

Sustainable Global Experience (SGE) makes climate education accessible to every student. It’s an innovative and inclusive programme with Carbon Literacy at its core.

This programme focuses on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which students will explore in theory and practice.

Phase 1 - Digital Component

  • 12 hours of Carbon Literacy Training
  • Access to Pagoda’s online skills courses
  • Join an online community through the Pagoda Portal
  • Live online events and networking opportunities
  • Digital certificates from Pagoda & Carbon Literacy Project
  • Lifetime access to the Pagoda alumni network

Phase 2 - 5 day Sustainable Field Trip

  • Short study tours in Amsterdam or Brussels
  • Masterclasses with local businesses and academic sessions
  • Engage with public and private sector organisations
  • Sustainable group travel and hostel accommodation
  • Work on group projects and presentations
  • Full on-site support from the Pagoda team
  • Carbon emissions offset by 150%

Programme Breakdown

Our 2019 University Partner Survey recognised the need for more opportunities that are: 

  • Closer to home
  • Shorter in duration
  • Lower cost per student
  • With a low carbon footprint

Sustainable Global Experience (SGE) is the product of three years development. 

It’s not just a programme about sustainability. Climate education is built into the framework and taught in theory and practice with experiential and enquiry-based learning methods. It’s the world’s first carbon-neutral programme. A living and breathing model for sustainable development. 

SGE is low cost per student compared to longer mobility programmes and requires fewer hours. This provides high value for lower-income groups, making it the perfect programme to widen participation.

  • Provide students with hands-on experience in a genuine professional context
  • Deepen understanding of carbon emissions, sustainable living and sustainable industries
  • Train all participants in Carbon Literacy, accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project
  • Encourage networking between students in the UK and Mainland Europe
  • Develop students’ transferable skills through enquiry-based Learning (EBL) including comprehension, analysis, research, evaluation and presentation
  • Measure students’ skills development against Pagoda’s eight core competencies 
  • Offer international and non-traditional students the opportunity to travel abroad, experience a new culture and develop skills in intercultural fluency

On average, 92% of participants in our digital programs see an increase in their cultural fluency.

Carbon Literacy is “an awareness of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities, and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.”

More than 1,700 organisations across the UK and internationally have empowered their teams with Carbon Literacy Training including the NHS, the BBC, and Manchester City Council.

All participants will receive 12 hours of Carbon Literacy Training and submit a pledge to the project to receive a certificate from the Carbon Literacy Project. This is widely recognised as a personal and professional commitment to tackling climate change. 

By incorporating Carbon Literacy Training in this programme, we equip students with an academic understanding of the importance of cultivating a low-carbon culture, and how to action this in their day-to-day lives.

Programme Outcomes

In 2022 we welcomed over 200 students into this programme.


Would recommend this programme to a friend


Agreed this programme had a positive effect on their overall university experience


Agreed they were more motivated to live sustainably


Agreed this programme taught them new ways to reduce their carbon footprint