Shanghai – A city with different dimensions

Shanghai – A city with different dimensions


Our last weekend was a long one – thanks to the May holiday. So, what do Zhuhai IC interns do on such long weekends? Some go to Haiku like Jenny did (you can read about that here). And others? Of course, to the big cities; We went to Shanghai! It was a really interesting trip during which we learned and experienced a lot.
On Wednesday evening, our journey began: right after work. I searched for a cab offering a good deal with another intern to go to the airport. It took us some time because the streets were full as everybody was on their way home. We also noticed this when we were in the taxi and started worrying if we could make it in time for our flight – especially when our cab driver took all the time he needed to refill his car. In the end, we made it just in time for the last minute check-in. At the gate we met two other interns who would join us on the trip. Guess what, our plane left with 2 hours delay…

After a two hour and thirty minute flight, we landed in Shanghai where we then took the airport bus to get to ‘People’s square’ to eat something and then went to our hotel. On the next day, four more people joined our group and one of them befriended  two locals, a mom and her son: Jessie and David (see pictures). They took us the finance quarter to eat Yang’s dumplings at the foot of the Oriental Pearl Tower. Afterwards, we went to a big shopping mall and then we rested a little for the night back at the hotel.

Internchina - Oriental Pearl Tower
Internchina – Oriental Pearl Tower
InternChina - Our local city guides Jessie and David
InternChina – Our local city guides Jessie and David

After a walk through ‘The Bund’ where there were far too many people, the nightlife could begin!

InternChina - So many people in the Bund
InternChina – So many people in the Bund

First stop: the rooftop bar ‘Bar Rouge’ with an amazing view at Shanghai’s skyline. Also as it was ladies’ night entrance was free, cocktails were free and we got our nails done!!

InternChina - free nailpolish for the ladies
InternChina – free nailpolish for the ladies
InternChina - View from the Bar Rouge
InternChina – View from the Bar Rouge

Next we went to the Shelter. Here a nice description from the internet: a converted bomb shelter, the club is dark, sweaty, black, loud, and thumping. The night ended in ‘Club SOHO’ – a club which also exist in Zhuhai.

Getting up the next morning was not easy but worth it. Again, we met Jessie and David who took us to Shanghai’s traditional area which was also very crowded but still very nice. We went to a market nearby to look for fans, jade bracelets and whatever else a tourist’s heart desires.

InternChina - Shanghai's Old Town
InternChina – Shanghai’s Old Town
InternChina - Fan shopping on the market
InternChina – Fan shopping on the market

Later that day we were invited to KTV (Karaoke) with Jessie’s friends. What happens in a KTV stays in a KTV… 😛 Whatever! Check out this pic: 😀

InternChina - KTV
InternChina – KTV

This night we ended up in ‘Muse’ another of Shanghai’s awesome clubs.

For Saturday morning we reserved a room at ‘Mr. X.’. Short introduction: At Mr. X’s you get locked up into a room and you have to find your way out buy searching for hints, hidden doors, tricks to open them and what’s most important to communicate and work together. To some it might sound childish to some creepy. I tell you: It is AWESOME!! Unfortunately, we could not get out of the room within the given time but we want to try again. Luckily a something like Mr. X also exists in Guangzhou. No question you’ll find us there within the next couple of weeks!

InternChina - Mr. X
InternChina – Mr. X

The last hours until we had to go to the airport we spent on the fake market. Bags, clothes, head phones, watches, make-up… but also traditional paintings, board games, fans and so on. To get to the airport, we took the Maglev: 301km/h. 6 minutes later we arrived at the airport, where I enjoyed a delicious coconut-sticky-rice-mango desert, and departed on time.

InternChina - Maglev. To the airport with 301km/h
InternChina – Maglev. To the airport with 301km/h

Spending the weekend in Shanghai, I must say was really nice. But in the end I was happy to be back in Zhuhai. “Home, sweet home.” Huge cities like Shanghai are nice to visit for a couple of days but everywhere it is so busy and noisy and it takes so long to get from one place to the other.

See you and 再见,

Gianna aka Gini aka 吉娜

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