Meet Shirley: Her Introduction Blog

Meet Shirley: Her Introduction Blog


Hi, everyone, I am Shirley Yan, the new face in the IC Zhuhai office.

InternChina - Shirley welcoming Kai at the Zhuhai Port
InternChina – Shirley welcoming Kai at the Zhuhai Port

About myself

Born in the north part of China, I grew up and completed my secondary education in Shenyang. But I am always keen to experience what I have never experienced before and expect what is unexpected. Driven by my curiosity, I wanted to explore the world outside. So I left home alone and started my overseas education in Singapore at the age of 16. The adventure never ends. In my first year of university, I started to think of the big question: Who am I and what do I truly want to do in life?

Therefore, I spent a lot of time trying to discover my interests and strengths and found myself passionate on marketing and business development. Singaporeans like to call their country ‘a little red dot on the map’. It is a financial and trading center of North-east Asia but the market is tiny. On the contrary, China, as an arising economic entity, has a massive untapped market and a huge population with consuming potential. So I decided to choose China as my destination.

InternChina Bubble Tea in Guangzhou
InternChina – Bubble tea selfie in Guangzhou

Why Zhuhai then?

There is an idiom “南商北工”, which well demonstrates the enterprise distribution in China. It means the northern region is strong in industries and manufacturing while the southern region is advantaged in business and trading. The difference in economic structures is associated with distinct geographical features in the north and south. The political center is located in the north so has number of government-owned industries such as electricity and oil industries. The south (Guangzhou) is close to harbours and has a number of trading, tech and startup companies. Interning in Zhuhai allows me to learn more about marketing and business development. Last but not least, it is ranked top as the most livable city in China.

InternChina - Zhuhai Office View at night
InternChina – Zhuhai Office View at night

Interning in IC

The working culture of InternChina is really impressive and completely different from that of Singapore. In Singapore, business is usually based on a rigid organizational structure where employees are taught to be obedient by the hierarchy. But InternChina team is like a family. I celebrated Christmas with 7 colleagues, one dog and one baby on my first day of arrival (haha) and received the best Christmas gift I have ever received in my life. Moreover, there are a lot of things I can learn from these amazing and enthusiastic people here.

Shirley Yan Intern at InternChina Zhuhai
InternChina – That’s me at the InternChina Christmas Party

Exploration and learning is the essence of life. If you are someone like me, come and join us. You will never regret it!!