Sights in Qingdao – Part II

Sights in Qingdao – Part II

Qingdao is home to about 8 million people and especially now during summer time you can see how the city becomes more and more crowded. A lot of tourists come to see Qingdao and enjoy the beaches and the sights. Come and check out some more interesting spots in Qingdao:
Zhanshan Temple:

Zhanshan temple is a Buddhist temple located on ZhiQuan Road. This is also right next to the Taiping Mountain where you can find a range of ancient Buddhist scriptures as well as small statues. Especially during summer it is great to just go there to picnic and enjoy the day. The temple was built in 1945 and is China’s youngest temple constructed within the Tiantai sect of Buddhism.

Zhanshan Temple: Beautiful view at the top!

Zhongshan Park:

This is the main city park. Inside there is an amusement park, nature garden, carnival and petting Zoo and a botanical garden. The best time to go is Springtime to see the Cherry blossoms open on the nature trail. Also going during the week will help you avoid the crowds!

Flowing cherry blossoms turn the park into a magical site

Tianhou Palace:

This temple was built in the Ming Dynasty (about 1467 AD). You can just go there and visit the temple without any entrance fees. It is quite nice with a stage in the front and bell & drum towers on both sides of the temple.

Get lost in history at Tianhou Palace!

Tsingtao Brewery:

Tsingtao Brewery was established in the late 1890s, and it is recognized as China’s premier beer, which explains why it is so famous all over the globe. The original brewery building is a beer museum today, so you can visit the museum, get a beer for free and learn about the history of the delicious Tsingtao beer.

Tsingtao: China's preeminent beer

Navy Museum:

Right next to the small island Xiao Qingdao you will find a formal naval base, which was built in 1989. It is home to former US and Soviet vessels, a Chinese Huafeng missile boat and various small crafts, vehicles and tanks. It is the especially interesting that it is the only military museum that features the complete development of the Chinese naval establishment.

Navy Museum overlooks Qingdao's iconic lighthouse in the distance

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