Sights in Qingdao

Sights in Qingdao

Sights in Qingdao
Qingdao is a coastal city located in the Shandong Province and home to round about 8 million residents. The name Qingdao has a specific meaning, where “Qing” means lush or green “dao” means island.
Qingdao is a great place to live because you always have something to do there! Here are some top sights in Qingdao which I want to tell you about now:

May 4th Square

Qingdao's iconic May 4th Square off in the distance

May 4th square, a large public square, is located in Qingdao’s central business district, right next to the coast. It was named after a nationwide protest movement which started in Qingdao and it is recognized by the huge red sculpture on the square which represents the “May Wind” in Qingdao.

The Catholic Church

Qingdao's German inspired Catholic Church

Due to Qingdao’s history there is a huge German influence in the old town part of Qingdao. In this part of the city you can also find the Catholic Church which is located on De Xian Road. It was built and completed by a German architect in 1934. Because it was partly destroyed during the Cultural Revolution it was rebuilt in 1982. On the weekends there are still services and a lot of Chinese people take their wedding pictures in front.

Marina City

Image Source: Qingdao China Guide

Marina City is a large shopping center where you can find a lot of Western brands but also some Chinese ones. Walking outside the mall you can enjoy the view of the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Centre and walk along the peer to check out windsurfers and sailing boats that go along the coast.

Zhanqiao Pier

Perfect to walk along on a gorgeous day

Zhanqiao Pier was built in 1891. The Huilan Pavilion lies at the end of a 400m pier at Qingdao Bay and is the symbol for the Tsingtao beer.

Xiao Qingdao Island

Qingdao's Lighthouse

Xiao Qingdao is a tiny freckle of land south of Zhanqiao Pier. On the little island there is a small German lighthouse which was built in 1900. It is especially beautiful at night, walking along the Qingdao Bay with the look on the light house.

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