Hello hello my lovelies!
I’ve just come back from a crazy weekend in Singapore. I was originally planning to go to Xiamen but a typhoon hit China this weekend and a cheap flight came up for Singapore so I figured…why not?!

I met up with some friends from uni who live in Singapore and had an amazing time.

Initially when I was deciding between Qingdao and Zhuhai, I never even considered how WONDERFUL it is to be so close to Hong Kong. HK is a hub for all of Asia so the number of cheap flights available is astounding! I am already planning to go to Thailand in July with some friends!

I’ve attached some goofy photos from this weekend, including my experience of having a very large python named Elizabeth wrap around my body at the zoo!

For anyone considering staying in Zhuhai, make sure you fully realise all of the travel opportunities the city affords you!! I don’t think there is a better place, location wise: it borders Macao and along with multiple 1-hour ferry services to Hong Kong daily (to both downtown and directly to the airport) it is just the best!


– Michæl