Snapshots of Chengdu Photo Competition

Snapshots of Chengdu Photo Competition




Congratulations, Jordan!

The InternChina office managers in Chengdu, Qingdao and Zhuhai have made their decision: Jordan’s photo of our interns teaching the Chinese the Macarena dance while they were all hopelessly stuck in traffic is our Snapshot of the Month. We hope you will enjoy your stay at the Ruicheng 5 star hotel!


2nd Place: Susanna
2nd Place: Butterfly – handed in by Susanna
3rd Place: Happy guy – handed in by Lucy

Thank you guys for all your great pictures

Well, winning is not everything (pah! Yes it is….), so let’s just enjoy the great pictures you’ve posted on our Facebook Fanpage. They are funny, beautiful, ambiguous (note what Salik is doing with that lion’s testicles…), weird (Salik yet again), or amazing – and they are all great!

These are the pictures that we at InternChina like the most – so here we go. Clicking on the picture takes you back to Facebook in case you want to add another comment, share or like what you see. Enjoy!

East meets…West.
Jump up Jump up and get down!Tianfu Square
Summer in da CityFanqie, no xihongshi, no fanqie…oh whatever!
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?Indiana Jones & his Team discover Emei Shan
Can’t hear car honking anymore…Friday Night Lights
Maca, Maca, MacarenaHmmm, tasty
Oh, hear. The intrepid adventurers on the trail
Street calligraphyThe Emei stretch