Social Networks in China

Social Networks in China

By Max
You might be aware that Facebook and Twitter do not work so well here in China without the help of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). So have you ever wondered how Chinese people do social networking and how you are going to survive your days in China without your usual dose of social media?

Fortunately, there are indeed tons of social media platforms you can sign up to to make your social life more colorful in China. RenRen and Weibo are good substitutes for Facebook and Twitter. They have similar looks and almost the same functions.  And more than that, RenRen has a function that most Facebook users may desire: RenRen can actually show you who your recent visitors are. Cool, no?

Image source: USC Annenberg China Media

Besides RenRen and Weibo, there are a couple of other mobile apps you might like to know about: WeChat and MoMo! They are good substitutes for WhatsApp Messenger. But they are also more than that. Aside from sending messages to your friends for free, they have an amazing function with which you can always find other users near you. So, literally, you can try to make friends with everyone. Life is never going to be dull.

Image source: Ftech Blog

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