Spring Family Carnival – InternChina Family Day

Spring Family Carnival – InternChina Family Day

Since 2012, Intern China’s Zhuhai Office started to organize regular activities with host families and interns, so that children can practice English in an interesting and fun environment, and start to understand different foreign cultures while playing games.

I also want to say: Thank You! – to all participating host families in our homestay program for supporting us.

In March, we always have such a beautiful spring in Zhuhai. It is a good time for outdoor activities, take the children to breathe the air of nature! Enjoy the sunshine, and of course, play some outdoor games! We had our first family day last Saturday. About 100 families came and everyone had a great time. (I was very tired after participating in every single game that day and slept for 15hours!;))

We started to prepare at lunch time, hung up our Intern China flag, because this was the sign where people could find us – Haibin park in Zhuhai is huge.

Before 2p.m., only some families arrived, we started to play some small games with the kids, so they wouldn’t get bored. About 2:10p.m., more and more families came and we started our first game ‘Duck Duck Goose’, then ‘Sharks and Minnows’, ‘Red light/ Green light’, water balloons, ‘Ping-pong’, ‘Tug-of-war’….

It really is spring in Zhuhai, flowers everywhere, but the most popular flowers are Kapok, Bougainvillea Spectabilis Wild and Bauhinia Flower. You can see them on every corner in Zhuhai.

Here is a street next to my home, all Kapok blossom now! Kapok is the city flower of Guangzhou. We also called it ‘cotton flower’ or ‘hero flower’! 🙂

The next one is Bougainvillea Spectabilis Wild, it is the city flower of Zhuhai.

I think you can’t wait to enjoy the beautiful city now, so come to play with us in the park, enjoy the nice subtropical climate and see the romantic beautiful city Zhuhai!