Still hungry

Still hungry

Thanks to this update, you will have nice love handles matching your beer belly!

地三鲜: (di san xian) potatoes, green peppers and eggplant
青椒土豆片: (qing jiao tu dou pian) green peppers and potatoes stir-fried
烧芸豆 : (shao yun dou) fried green beans
木须柿子: (mu xu shi zi) egg and tomato wedges stir-fried
木须瓜片: (mu xu gua pian) egg and cucumber slices stir-fried
烧荷兰豆: (shao he lan dou) stir-fried snow peas (usu. with garlic)
炸茄盒 : (zha qie he) breaded eggplant boxesw/ meat filling
鱼香茄条: (yu xiang qie tiao) fish smelling eggplant strips
茄排: (qie pai) breaded, deep-fried eggplant strips
烧茄子: (shao qie zi) stir-fried eggplant
蚝油生菜: (hao you sheng cai) lettuce stir-fried in oyster sauce
烧白菜: (shao bai cai) fried Chinese cabbage
六合菜 : (liu he cai) six veggies; bean sprouts,mushrooms, cellophane noodles, etc.
肉磨菠菜: (rou mo bo cai) ground pork with spinach
蒜苗炒肉: (suan miao chao rou) garlic shoots and pork stir-fried


麻婆豆腐: (ma po dou fu) tofu chunks in spicy sauce (little meat)
家常豆腐: (jia chang dou fu) tofu chunks in savory sauce
麻辣豆腐: (ma la dou fu) tofu chunks in spicy and numbing sauce
青椒豆腐干: (qing jiao dou fu gan) dry tofu strips stir-fried w/ green peppers


米饭: (mi fan) white rice
蛋炒饭 : (dan chao fan) egg-fried rice (usu. w/ a little veggies)
水饺: (shui jiao) boiled Chinese ravioli
锅贴: (guo tie) pot stickers; fried Chinese ravioli
馒头: (man tou) Chinese steamed bread
炸将: (zha jiang mian) noodles with a savory, spicy sauce
担担面 : (dan dan mian) noodles with a very spicy hot sauce
牛肉面 : (niu rou mian) noodles with beef pieces and broth
蛋炒面 : (dan chao mian) egg-fried noodles
肉炒面 : (rou chao mian) pork-fried noodles
混沌: (hun dun) wontons


西红柿鸡蛋: (xihongshijidantang) tomato and egg soup
菠菜粉丝汤: (bo cai fen si tang) spinach and vermicelli soup
青菜豆腐汤: (qing cai dou fu tang) tofu and vegetable soup