Student life in Guangzhou, China

Student life in Guangzhou, China


Before I started to intern at InternChina I was studying as an exchange student for 2 semesters at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. My major was International Business.

InternChina- Guangdong University of Foreign Study Campus

I arrived in Guangzhou in August 2012, which was the first time I had ever left Europe. It was also the best experience of my life!

A typical day at my University started at 8.30 am with my Chinese classes running until 11.30 am. Before my Chinese classes I had jiaozi (dumplings) for breakfast. I had to get used to eating warm food in the mornings because in Germany we would usually have things like bread with butter and cheese, but now I love having jiaozi for breakfast, and I know I will miss it when I return to Germany. Our lunch break was from 11.30, which was weird for me because the lunch break at my university in Germany starts at 1.30 pm, and it was the first time that I had lunch so early! After lunch, I had business classes from 2 to 5 pm. It was a really nice experience to work on group projects with Chinese students. I quickly realised that the Western and Chinese way of thinking is very different, but I managed to adapt myself to work with an international team.

At my University in Guangzhou I met a lot of people of different nationalities, and I made a lot of new friends. All of us were in the same situation: far from home, without family and friends in a new country which is very different from the Western countries. So we spent almost every day together, had lunch, dinner and parties, so nobody felt lonely and we had an amazing time together. We all took care of each other.

InternChina- Birthday celebrations in Guangzhou

Of course the weekends were the best part of my exchange program. Usually we met at the BBQ to have a couple of beers and then we went clubbing. Guangzhou has a lot of nice foreign and Chinese clubs and during my year there I visited them all.

I love China. I had a wonderful time, the best experience of my life, and I met a lot of foreign and Chinese friends who influenced me in a positive way. This is the reason why I have chosen Zhuhai for my internship. After I had experienced student life in China, I also wanted to experience work life here. I have been in Zhuhai for 3 months now and I already know that I will come back after I graduate.

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