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The Spring Festival – China’s New Year

In China the biggest festival of the year is the New Year, also called spring festival 春节chūnjié in …

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Beach/Goodbye Party in Qingdao!

Due to the fact that two of our interns were leaving soon, we thought it would be great …

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How Chinese thinkers changed the world

Today I would like to talk about a few inventions that are so old that we don’t really …

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VIP Spa Day

Last Thursday, Philippe and me were invited to a 15th anniversary celebration of a fancy spa company in …

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Celebrating Chinese New Year

Last sunday, Amber’s parents invited Hanna, Lisa, Jack and me to their place to celebrate the Chinese New …

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Apple Festival

Apples, apples and APPLES!My name is Jan and I am a student from Germany. I’m visiting the 10th …

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