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Sports in China

If you think about a sport in China, you probably think about Kung Fu or Ping Pong is …

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The Northern Praying Mantis

This Saturday, we organized a Chinese martial arts class and tried the Northern Praying Mantis style (螳螂拳; tánglángquán; …

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Korean BBQ Dinner and Students’ Round table

I cannot believe how fast time flies by when you are having fun. It has already been 4 …

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Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

Hey guys! This sunday 4 braves (me, Franzi, Rita and Benjamin) decided to try out the Chinese mantis …

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Gōng fū shī fu (Kung-Fu master and TV-tower)

Today my hostmother took me to the TV-tower in Qingdao.She told me, that you can have a great …

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