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Hengqin – the bright future of Zhuhai

The scale of the developments in the Pearl River Delta represents some of the strongest in the whole …

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Titanic and Human Bodies Exhibition in Macau

Weekend- and the same problem again: too many awesome things to do and not enough time. The good …

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Trip to HongKong

Travelling to Hongkong is such an easy thing to do when you are living in Zhuhai. Just catch …

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Island Trip in Zhuhai

With 146 islands and 604 kilometers coastline, Zhuhai is known as “Hundred-Island City”. Here is a subtropical seaside city, if …

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Introduction and Visa application procedures for Interns.

Hi All! I am Philippe Touzin and I am the newly appointed InternChina Office Manager in Zhuhai. So …

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Ciao i miei tesorini! So this weekend, despite the fact that I did not go to Bangkok, I …

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Go-karting à la Chinoise

Salut mes tendres chouchous, Wednesday evening a group of us interns as well as Jamie, Jamie’s FIANCÉE Helen …

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Hello hello my lovelies! I’ve just come back from a crazy weekend in Singapore. I was originally planning …

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Taekwondo / 태권도/ 跆拳道

你好! So last night an admittedly small group (everyone who skipped out on this one: we definitely had …

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