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Kenny’s take on Tai Chi: Finding Balance in Life and Body

In ancient China, people believed in a concept of universal movement: Tai ji, commonly associated with the significantly …

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My wonderful time in Qingdao

It’s time to say goodbye! I started my internship four months ago here in Qingdao, and I have …

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New direct flights from Europe to Chengdu

With Chengdu’s economy skyrocketing year after year and thus its overall importance for the western China region growing …

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Phoenix Ancient Town

Chinese Legends say that in ancient time, two phoenixes flew over the town and found the surroundings so …

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Chengdu Getaway II : Lohas Greenway and surroundings

Last Sunday, the Sustainability Working Group of the British Chamber of Commerce organized their 2013 Earth Day Bike …

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Sights in Zhuhai

About 7 years ago, I decided to move to Zhuhai from Guangzhou. I still remember the first time …

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Chengdu Getaway – Mount Emei

Two weeks ago a friend and me made a two day trip to beautiful Mount Emei (峨眉山 – …

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Why is Zhuhai a good place for an internship?

When people think about China, the first cities that usually come to mind are, of course, Beijing, Shanghai …

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Long Distance Flight Tips Part 2 – Office Managers

Not only the interns have a lot to say when asked about how to make long distance flights …

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Spring Holiday in Sri Lanka

Having an expat dad living in the same country as you has its perks: you get to tag …

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