Kenny’s take on Tai Chi: Finding Balance in Life and Body

Kenny’s take on Tai Chi: Finding Balance in Life and Body

In ancient China, people believed in a concept of universal movement: Tai ji, commonly associated with the significantly more popular expression of Yin and Yang. They saw our universe as being in constant motion, the ultimate motion producing Yang (positive part) and Yin (negative part), creating a balanced universe. Yang was associated with flowing movement, Yin with tranquility. Reconciling these two conflicting energies becomes the central principle of Tai Ji. The duality of Yin and Yang furthermore can be found in real world divisions, from sensations like hot and cold, light and dark, men and women, etc.

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These philosophical principles are applied to the body in the martial art of tai ji quan (aka. Tai-chi). Its core tenants view the body as a balanced system; if our body is out of balance, its effects are seen through both physical and mental discomfort. Tai ji quan was thus practiced to rebalance the body, taking on the more combative name of shadow boxing. Now known for both its health and restorative benefits, tai ji quan is actively practiced by many around the world.

Ben balancing out his energy!

Here is our intern Ben he was learning Taiji with his host family

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