Three Key Takeaways from ‘Reigniting International: Enabling Recruitment and Enhancing the Student Experience’

Three Key Takeaways from ‘Reigniting International: Enabling Recruitment and Enhancing the Student Experience’


As the dust settles after Pagoda’s ‘Reigniting International’ event in collaboration with The IC Global, we’re taking time to reflect on the key insights, data and discussion that was shared on the day.

The Event

On Friday 12th January, Pagoda Projects and The IC Global welcomed senior staff members from UK universities to Manchester for a day of lively discussion into UK internationalisation and global engagement. On the day, we had key discussions into the following topics;

  • How best to recruit high-quality international students 
  • How UK institutions can support on-campus diversity
  • The link between employability and international recruitment
  • Critical issues and priorities affecting senior staff at UK institutions
  • How to boost international student employability and the benefits to recruitment
  • Pathways to undergraduate study

We also discussed The IC Global’s latest research into ‘The Route to International Director’ and the British Council’s first comprehensive review of ‘Recruitment channels and pathways to undergraduate study in the UK’.

A timely discussion

With government scrutiny of UK Higher Education at an all-time high, it’s never been more important to positively discuss ways for UK institutions to ‘reignite’ their recruitment and international student experience. From supporting on-campus diversity to pathways to undergraduate study, guests and expert speakers shared their knowledge and experience with generosity and candour. Professor Abigail Gregory MBE said,

“In light of the darkening clouds over international recruitment to UK universities, this event was particularly timely and delivered valuable reflections, learnings, and takeaways.”

Take a look for yourself:

Three key takeaways

  1. UK Higher Education needs to be creative and innovative to respond to a difficult international recruitment environment, including building sustainable routes via TNE.

  2. The important role that innovations by courageous change-makers in academic units can play in spearheading new recruitment tools and models.


  3. The crucial connection of employability to international student recruitment, and also the need for universities to find their own ways to measure employability impact through institutional data collection.

Jamie Bettles, founder and MD at Pagoda Projects, said,

“It’s been a long-term ambition to host an event in Manchester in relation to international higher education. Massive thanks to the fabulous and knowledgeable team at The IC Global for bringing the event together alongside the amazing and talented Professor Abigail Gregory MBE and Kate Hewett.”

A huge thank you to all our attendees and speakers, especially Charlene Allen and Sirin Myles (The IC Global), Anne-Marie Graham (UKCISA), Professor Abigail Gregory MBE (Pagoda Projects), Dr Janet Ilieva (Education Insight), Jacqui Jenkins (British Council), Dr Anthony Manning (University of Kent), Professor Bill Russell (University of Dundee) and Andrew Wright (King’s College London).

Let’s do it again sometime!