Ten Reasons to Come to China III

Ten Reasons to Come to China III


Today I would like to finish my blog series about why coming to China is definitely worth it. Here are my last three arguments for your journey to China!
#8 China´s National Treasure: The Giant Panda!
The giant panda is very famous in China. Especially in Sichuan province, since it is native to South Central China. The number of giant pandas living in the wild range from 1600 to 3000. Did you know that a giant Panda has to eat 40 kg of bamboo every day? This is because bamboo isn’t very nutritious and a Panda has to spend 16 hours a day eating bamboo.

InternChina- Giant Panda

Beside the Giant Panda there is another species called the Red Panda. It is not closely related to the Giant Panda but also native to South Central China. Master Shifu is the ficitonal version of a Red Panda starring in the animated movie Kong Fu Panda.
You can visit both, the Giant Panda and the Red Panda in a huge enclosure in Chengdu!

InternChina- Red-Panda-in-Chengdu
InternChina- Red Panda in Chengdu

#9 Lovely People!
So far my experience with Chinese people is fantastic. I meet friendly people everywhere. Especially young Chinese men and women are always very helpful when I bother them with my lacking sense of orientation. Often they test whether I can understand their English and we end up small talking for a while.

InternChina- China meets Germany

#10 Save Money!
Living expenses in China are far more wallet-friendly, compared to most European and American countries. Lunch is usually around 1 Euro. A 10 minutes  taxi ride is about the same. It is rather a prejudice though, that you can buy cheap clothes here. Western brands tend to ask the same prices as in Europe, although the clothes are mostly fabricated in China.
The money you can save on living expenses in China you should spend on travelling. A 24 hours train from Chengdu to Beijing is only about 50 Euro. If you are travelling on a little budget you can expect a lot here in China.

Unfortunately there is no space for my personal number #11: An Internship in China!

InternChina- More than just an internship!

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