The best about China: Street Barbecue !!!

The best about China: Street Barbecue !!!


If you think about the best things about China, you will inevitably think about Chinese food. Sweet, Sour, Spicy, Sichuan, Guangzhou or Shandong; the choices are seemingly limitless. But when it comes to Chinese summer only one will reign supreme: Street Barbecue! (Even better it is still awesome in winter)
For the sceptics among you, here are 10 reasons why Chinese Street Barbecue is the best:

Kaoroudian new

Street Barbecue Stall in Qingdao

1. You can find it everywhere! Those little street grills just seem to mysteriously pop out at night time. They tend to look a little shady and frankly speaking are not that hygienic. However if you are confident that your stomach can take it, you should definitely go for it. And who could possibly just walk by the heavenly smell of street barbecue without a glance?

2. It is convenient! Imagine you are on your way back home, tired after a long day of work, wondering what to get for dinner. Well your choice has just been made. Go to a grill, point to some juicy meat or mouthwatering vegetables and enjoy.

3. It is cheap! Like everything in China street barbecue is so cheap that it makes you wonder how they could ever make a profit. Except for the chicken wings, they will ruin you.

4. The Chicken Wings! Chicken wings are pricey for Chinese standards, but sure are worth it. These tender wings made out of deliciousness are the best you will ever have in China and make you willingly go broke.

silkworm new

Silk Worms. Weird but crunchy and sweet

5. The range. Everything that can be grilled will be grilled.

6. Freshly drafted beer (In Qingdao summer). A combination that was meant to be.

7. Bagged beer. This one is a little funky. Basically in China you can get everything for take away. So if you are in a hurry but still want to taste some fresh draft just call for Dabao 打包 and you are good to go.

beer bag

Tsingtao Beerbags in Qingdao

8. It just has so much style! Be a China hipster. Nothing will make you feel more Chinese than sitting on a way too small stool next to a busy street eating barbecue from an improvised grill.

9. Random Chinese encounters. One of the best ways to get in touch with locals. People will love randomly chatting with you over a beer or some chicken wings.

10. Pure deliciousness!

Come to China and taste some street barbecue deliciousness yourself! Apply Now!