The Cantonese Cuisine

The Cantonese Cuisine

Food is a very important thing in China. Not without any reason was Confucius casting out his wife because she was a bad chef. Since ancient time many factors have influenced the development of the Chinese kitchen.
The Cantonese kitchen, as one of the four different main styles of Chinese food, is one of the most famous way to eat in China. Happy to live in Zhuhai, where the Cantonese kitchen is well known, I want to introduce some of the best Cantonese dishes and some of the best restaurants offering those.

Dim Sum, a Cantonese term for small hearty dishes, are small bite-sized or individual portions of food which is traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. Eating Dim Sum in Zhuhai is usually known as going to drink tea, as tea is typically served with Dim Sum.

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Basically there are a lot of different ways to prepare Dim Sum. Rice rolls, lotus leaf rice, turnip cakes, buns, dumplings, stir fried green vegetables, steamed meatballs, spare ribs or spring rolls: the main issue is that it is deserved in small baskets or plates.

One of the best Dim Sum restaurant in Zhuhai is Jin Yue Xuan: 1-3 Floor,B,265 Ri Hua Commercial Square, South Lover Street, Gongbei, ZHUHAI.

Cantonese or Guangdong dishes are characterized by their tender and slightly sweet taste. There’s a lot of seafood, pork and chicken, which is normally deserved with head and feet. Cantonese vegetable dishes are often simply stir fried, plain or with minced garlic. The main point in preparing a Cantonese dish is that it is fresh.

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Here is a small list of famous Cantonese restaurants in Zhuhai:

Hengqin Oyster Restaurant (Fuxiang Bay Oyster Farm, Hengqin, Xiangzhou District)

Yuren Matou Restaurant (Wanzai Branch, No.3013, Nanwan Road, Wanzai, Xiangzhou District)

Deyue Boat (Inside Mingting Park, Yeli Island, Qinglü Road, Xiangzhou District)

Deyuefang Restaurant (Inside Mingting Park, Yeli Island, Xiangzhou District)

Shishen Restaurant (Tangjia Branch, Dieshi, Gangwan Avenue, Xiangzhou District)

For those who don’t want to go to a restaurant the several cookshops everywhere on the streets are very recommendable.

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Man man chi!

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