The Climate in Dalian

The Climate in Dalian


Dalian is bordered by the Bohai sea and Yellow sea which gives it ocean climate features with mild refreshing ocean winds. Its location at the southern end of the Liaodong peninsula in the north east of China means Dalian has a semi moist monsoon climate also with an annual rainfall of around 500 – 1000 mm (over 50% of this falls during summer!).
Dalian has 4 distinct seasons; summer, spring, autumn and winter.

Winter – From Early December to February you will need a warm coat and gloves.. the winds can get chilly this time of year!  Dalian embraces winter and offers a range of seasonal activities such as skiing and an ice festival.

Spring – Kicks off in march, when the warmer south east ocean winds start moving in. You will still need coats and warm socks this time of year though.

Summer – The best time of year for weather in Dalian is from May onwards. The hottest months are July and August with temperatures hovering around a pleasant 20-25 degree celcius. Thousands of tourists (Chinese and foreign) like to come to Dalian in the summer to enjoy the beaches and various watersports available. You will need your shorts, t-shirts and sun tan lotion!
Even though most of Dalians annual rain falls in Summer, it is mainly at night so dont forget your brolly if youre out for an evening stroll.

Autumn – After a hot summer, the cool winds of autumn are a welcome refreshment. The average temperature drops to about 15 degrees and it is the perfect time of year to move from the beaches to explore the city!

Temperature in Dalian
Average temperatures in Dalian