The Importance of Tea in China

The Importance of Tea in China


Almost every business decision starts with a cup of tea here in China. Tea is a very important part of the Chinese culture and Chinese people drink it anytime and anywhere. Every restaurant will serve tea, almost every Chinese household owes a tea set, a small one or a huge tea table. Even in business meetings, usually the businessmen and women will sit around a tea table to discuss important business topics.

Chinese tea set
InternChina – Chinese tea set

Around 90% tea output is produced by Asian countries. The origin of all the tea trees in other countries is directly or indirectly in China.

Tea Plantation in China
InternChina – Tea Plantation in China

When it is warm tea brings on an instant cool, together with relaxation as it seems that it dispels the heat. Tea is good for your health as it is a stimulant for the nerve centre and even for smokers, it helps to discharge the nicotine out of their system.

Here in China there are a lot of tea houses and gardens where people can have enjoy a good cup of tea while chatting with friends and family. A day will never pass where the Chinese won’t have at least one cup of tea.

The famous tea house in the old city of shanghai
InternChina – The famous tea house in the old city of shanghai

Chinese tea can be classified in many different ways: quality, method of preparation or place of production. Fermentation, drying, heating and adding other ingredients like flowers herb and fruits are the main processing methods. All teas are originally from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant.

Types of tea:
Green tea – is the most popular tea in China. China is the world’s largest exporter of green tea. This type of tea can help to reduce the risk of cancer and slow down the ageing process.

Red tea (Black tea) – This tea is very popular in Europe and in South Asia. This tea is good for the heart and the vessels.

Oolong tea – This tea is a speciality of Guangdong Province, where Zhuhai is located. This tea has the characteristics of green and black tea. It helps to break down protein, and supports the body in losing weight.

Post-fermented tea (Pu´er tea) – Post-fermented tea can be aged to improve the flavour. It is a valuable tea and usually compressed into different shapes. It helps to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and reinforce the immune system.

Pu´er tea
InternChina – Pu´er tea

Scented tea – this tea is made by mixing a base tea, usually green tea, with the addition of flowers, fruits or herbs. The most popular scented tea is Jasmine tea.

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