The InternChina Chopsticks Guide

The InternChina Chopsticks Guide

…a how-to behave in a Chinese restaurant

We Westerners are used to a quite strict etiquette, especially when dining is concerned (don’t put your elbows on the table, don’t smack, don’t …), so when foreigners go to a Chinese restaurant for the first time, it often seems like there are no rules at all.

I asked my Chinese colleague Xavier if there are any criteria on how to use chopsticks and he immediately created a little guide for us, with all the rules he learned from his grandparents.
Behold, there are quite a few things to remember when using chopsticks!

1) Don’t dig in the food on a plate, just get the piece which you want to eat.
2) Don’t pick one piece, then drop it back on the plate and change to another piece.
3) Don’t let your chopsticks be covered with oil, just try to keep them as clean as possible.
4) Don’t use your chopsticks to make noise (like pretending to be a drummer using the bowls on the table).
5) Don’t wave your chopsticks.
6) Don’t use chopsticks like a fork.
7) Don’t use your chopsticks as toothpicks.
8) Don’t lick or suck on your chopsticks.
9) Don’t put chopsticks vertically in any ricebowl since it resembles the incense sticks for the dead.

Remeber this guideline and you will never have any problems in a Chinese restaurant! 🙂

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