The Lessons We Learn

The Lessons We Learn

Some come here for experience, some for culture… economics, language, money, parties, love affairs… China makes you feel special. Your different skin, height, face shape attracts the crowd’s attention. And every time you mention your experience in China to a friend, relative or employer they nod with approval. But what is it that we really experience living here in China?
I am sure that for every person it’s different. A party animal will attend great VIP parties, a job-hunter will gain the experience he will be proud of, a thinker will learn, a bilingual will speak. Lovers will play their games and think they’re at their best. Attention seekers will visit every famous place and put their pictures on Facebook.  Many will have everything at once, just in smaller portions.

If you’re not here, I bet you wish to be.  China is the land of opportunities and everything is possible here… It’s funny how easy it is to tempt a human being. Draw a picture of satisfaction, show the opportunity and we will already be imagining our hands wrapped all around that candy box. And that’s not a bad thing. Nature created us like this, as we need to think about ourselves in order to survive. So people come here led by a variety of different selfish reasons. I want to earn money, I want to gain experience, I want to have a good time. I want I want I want. And yet no matter what the reasons for coming here may have been, most of us leave a little bit more understanding, less judgmental, more tolerant to differences. Because adapting to a culture which is completely different to yours teaches you many things and most importantly it shows you that no matter how different we all are, our hearts beat for the same desires: love, friendship, security, recognition… And this is probably one of the most important lessons    life can teach you.

So stop complaining about the non-European ways of handling things. Open your eyes… And look. The world might surprise you. Big time.

My best wishes,