The Love Story Behind the Zhuhai Fisher Girl

The Love Story Behind the Zhuhai Fisher Girl


Everyone knows the emblem of Zhuhai – the fisher girl. But why is she there and what is she holding in her hands like a trophy?

Zhuhai Fisher Girl
InternChina – Zhuhai Fisher Girl

Legend has it that an angel descended to earth one day and fell in love with the beauty of the land. Zhuhai is such a beautiful city – today it is still one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen in China. In every street you can find trees and there are a lot of green parks in Zhuhai city.

Reluctant to return, she turned herself into a fisher girl, weaving nets and searching for precious pearls to earn a living. In addition, she unselfishly used her knowledge and powers to heal villagers who were ill, and so was well loved by one and all.
Soon she met a young fisherman named Hai Peng and they fell in love. Not long after, however, Hai Peng heard and believed malicious accusations, and demanded the fisher girl to give him her magical bracelets as proof of her affection.

The fisher girl tearfully explained the origin of the bracelets. While she was still the daughter of the South Sea Dragon King, the eight bracelets were given to her by the eight palace mistresses, to guard her against the thought of abandoning immortality. She would die if she even removed one. Tragically, Hai Peng did not believe her story and turned to leave. The fisher girl, to prove her love for Hai Peng, removed her bracelets and died in his arms instantly. Hai Peng was filled with remorse and grief.
His great sorrow moved the Elder Jiu Zhou Huan, who taught him the way to bring the fisher girl back to life. For this he had to travel to the Jiu Zhou Island to find the Resurrection Grass, which must then be fed with the blood of man. After much difficulty, Hai Peng found the grass and grew it with his own blood. Days turned to years, and the grass was finally ready and used to revive the fisher girl. Henceforth, the fisher girl became a true mortal. On the day of their wedding, all the girls together found a gigantic, magical pearl at the seashore. In gratitude, the fisher girl presented this to the reverent Elder.

A beautiful love story which happened in our City. Today you can visit her at the beautiful coastal side of Zhuhai. Buy a fresh coconut and walk along the romantic Lovers Road. You can also find a lot of small souvenirs like the statue of the fisher girl everywhere in Zhuhai.

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