The Zhuhai interns went Paintballing!

The Zhuhai interns went Paintballing!

InternChina has planned some amazing trips and activities in the past, so I figured the first activity I plan would have to be a pretty great one. The majority of the interns in Zhuhai at the moment are boys, so paintballing was a pretty obvious choice!

We all met up at 2pm and got on the bus that took us straight there. One of the best things about China is the fact that the 40 minute bus ride only cost us each 2 rmb.

Before the event, everyone seemed to be pretty excited, and having never done paintballing before I was super excited as well. I knew that it would hurt if you get hit, but other than that I didn’t know too much about the game. To be honest, part of me just thought that you stand around and shoot people; I definitely did not at all realize it was so strategic! We split up into teams and headed out for our captains to tell us the battle plan, the captains of course being Philippe, and “Captain Morgan”. The other team quickly snatched up the brown body suits, which at the time I was pretty happy with because I thought the blue ones were cooler, but on the field it was virtually impossible to see them, whereas our team stuck out like a tiger among lions.

The rules of the game were that if you get hit, you’re out, and the last man standing has the winning team. Easy enough, right? I was not at all prepared for how it is out in battle, I actually though I would be pretty badass and had a vision of me standing in victory on a hill with everyone defeated on the ground covered in paint. Turns out, not so much – the second I saw someone pop out from behind a giant pile of dirt and aim their gun at me I hid behind a tree, and pretty much stayed there for the rest of the game. Bullets were flying everywhere! I didn’t see much of the action, but I hear that some of the others were pretty amazing. Although our team won the first game, Morgan was able to shoot Philippe straight in the face (revenge much?) But fair enough, when else can you shoot your boss in the face? Philippe also was in the middle of the action the whole time, running and sliding left and right across the field.

The Zhuhai InternChina girls

The brown team owned the next two rounds, they virtually slaughtered us. I thought I would be a lot more help if I didn’t hide behind a tree, but within seconds of trying to run to the other side I was hit and got the benefit of watching the rest of the game from the sidelines. I want to blame this on the fact that my mask was completely fogged up and impossible to see out of, but everyone had the same advantage in that department. The blue team put up a good fight, but I’m sure the fact that the brown team’s leader is American had something to do with their victory, Morgan’s competitive nature and her ability to use real guns was clearly nothing we could compete with.

Towards the middle to end of the games everyone was complaining that they were running out of paintballs and they all had to go buy more. I, on the other hand, had to stand in the field and start firing at the trees when the games were officially over; I must have had over 100 paintballs left. Pathetic.

Our love for Philippe

Afterwards we all had had some refreshments and snacks. Philippe told everyone that the InternChina record is to pick up four peanuts horizontally with your chopsticks belongs to a Brit, and very quickly that is all that seemed to matter to everyone for the next half an hour – everyone was attempting to break the record. A couple were able to pick up three at once, so still the record stands for four peanuts!

The interns trying to break the InternChina record

The day overall was amazing, but holding the heavy gun and running around in all the gear tired everyone out pretty quickly, so by the time we got off the bus back in JiDa everyone was ready to eat and go relax at home.

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