Time seems to run differently in China

Time seems to run differently in China


Do you know that feeling when you sit somewhere waiting for something, and the minutes feel like hours? But then on the other hand, you also have that feeling that time is running too fast. One moment you were enjoying something, time rushes past, and you wonder where it went.
I guess all of you are familiar with this. Usually you have both: time that seems to go backwards and time that seems to slip through your fingers. But I feel since I’ve arrived in China I never feel time that time is slowing down.

It still feels like I arrived just yesterday but on the other hand I’ve already met so many different and nice people and experienced so many things. There hasn’t been a day when I could say, it could have been skipped because nothing interesting or important happened.

It was only yesterday that we had a farewell drink with a friend who will leave China soon because his internship is now over. You can really see that China changes people. They become more self-conscious and their personality grows stronger. Also it opens up your mind.

Being away from your home, friends and family might seem scary on first thought. I thought so too. It was actually my dad who pushed me to go abroad. “You have to do this now you are young! Get the he** out of here!”. Actually now I am thankful he pushed me. He was right. (Dank je wel, paps!). Coming here was one of my best decisions yet. As well as going to Korea and Sweden for my studies last year. Once you have had a little glimpse over the edge and you see what is waiting for you, you cannot hold yourself back any longer. It is like a drug: once you have tried it you get hooked. I’ve learned not only about China, its different people and working life but also about myself. And that is what has made time just disappear.

One of my best friends from my home town was always struggling about whether or not she should go abroad. I know now that she will read this blog, so I want to tell her: “Move your a** abroad! If I am back in Germany in September or sometime next year and you still haven’t left, I will carry you to the plane myself!”

What I want to say,  in case you have not already done so is; go abroad, get yourself into uncomfortable positions and learn to adapt. The only thing that will happen to you is that you will grow with change. Before you really have the time to start missing your friends and family, you will be back home and you’ll ask yourself where the time went!


See you next time and 再见,

Gianna aka Gini aka 吉娜