Top Highlights Former Pagoda Projects Participants

Top Highlights Former Pagoda Projects Participants


Pagoda Projects is the bridge between interns and host companies- we provide you the best service and program support in the field and help you achieve your career goals. Today we hope to bring you the benefits you will receieve during your internship.

1- The Experience

Pagoda Projects will provide you the experience that you have dreamed of. While it is true that internships are meant to be professional, they don’t have to be boring! We not only build an experience that introduces you to the business world, but also one that involves an engaging new cultural experience as well. 

Our program branches take place in 4 different countries… and is still growing! We will guarantee you the right internship placement based on your field of study, and also help you to experience a whole new country with new friends. From our group day trips to airport pick-ups, you will have full support from the Pagoda Projects team throughout your internship.

2- The Team
The PP projects team

The Pagoda Projects team is a tight-knit and passionate community- they care about and communicate with each and every one of our participants! The team will be with you until the last minute of your internship for your safety, enjoyment, and comfort.

The application process is very easy: after you submit your application, one of our teammates will reach you out with an information package containing every detail about your destination and program. Then after some careful consideration, we will try to connect you with some of the best host companies that suit your internship interests.

3- The Finance

Pagoda Projects will help you to get your best experience for the lowest prices. You could intern in your dream country while getting paid, depending on the internship. We also have lots of funding and scholarship options that will help you to cover travel and program costs. Depending on your destination and program- we will work to find the best funding option for you!

4- Perks During and After Your Internship

We host events, organizations, workshops, online skill courses, cultural mentorship programs, day trips and much more… We will help you to maximize every second of your internship.

You will get to travel during your day off with our trips, be informed about your program during orientation week, get full support during your application process, and join our events both online and offline from quiz nights to scavenger hunts!

We also provide career development training to help you succeed not only in your internship but in your career decisions down the road. After your internship you will receive a recommendation letter from your host company and also certificate from us.

5- Interning from everywhere

Yes, you heard it right. During these challenging times it is understanble that interning remotely is a popular option and Pagoda Projects will provide you this. You can intern with our online system from your laptop from anywhere in the world if you wish you can move from your room to kitchen which will make the process shorter. During your remote internship you will still get to experience our webinars online events, cultural mentorship programs and also deep attention from  our team.


Overall, There is no better way to prove why we are best in the business and help you throughout the whole process. It is important to start your career dreams earlier and take the action. Click here and find out more to submit your application!