Top Places to Eat in Dalian

Top Places to Eat in Dalian


Dalian lies on the north-eastern coast of China, so the best food is going to be seafood. Along the city’s two popular food streets, Wuwu Road and Shandong Road, you will find the city’s famous barbeques, roast goose and seafood. The most popular local dishes are the Stir- fried prawns and the Lantern- shaped Steamed Abalone, along with the snacks Men Zi and salted fish and corn pancakes.

Intern China- Dalian Men Zi
InternChina- Dalian Men Zi

Top Restaurants in Dalian

Home restaurant – a budget choice in the scenic coastal area where you can cook the fresh sea food yourself

Wanbao Seafood Restaurant – has the reputation as ‘king of the numerous sea food restaurants in Dalian’ with extravagant decorations and the best service. It is the largest restaurant in the city and their most popular dishes include steamed freshwater crab, baked prawns, lobster and sea chestnut. However, be prepared to pay one of the highest prices.

Intern China- Wan Bao Seafood Restaurant
InternChina- Wanbao Seafood Restaurant

Xiang Gong – a Cantonese restaurant popular among tourists in Dalian because of the excellent quality of the service and food. It offers a varied menu, and the dim sun menu is highly recommended.

Shuangshengyuan – an authentic century-old seafood restaurant and an equivalent to the Wanbao Restaurant. It started as a small food stall and has now many branches throughout the city. The most famous can be found at No. 643, Huanghe Lu near Xi’an Lu in the western part of the downtown area; a good place for a friends’ get-together, salted fish and corn pancakes.

The New Oriental Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant – popular for seafood and tofu dishes. It is highly rated among locals and tourists for the varied menu along with late opening hours and low prices. The most popular dishes include the Mabo tofu, dim sun and crystal dumplings.

Golden Hans – a buffet in Dalian renowned for its barbeque food, with the best reviewed dishes including beef and poultry kebabs.

Tian Tian Yugang – a restaurant chain renowned for its garlic scallop and grilled prawns. Other very popular dishes include eel, shrimp, flounder and sea snails.


InternChina- Grilled Prawns
InternChina- Grilled Prawns

Da Di Chun – popular because of their quick serving time. The Restaurant promises that all meals will be served within 20 minutes. They are well known in Dalian for their specialty pancakes rolled with meat and vegetables.

Longhai Yuwan Meishi Guangchang – provides both traditional Dalian seafood and Cantonese specialties. The most popular dishes here are the Dongxing grouper and the live sea cucumbers baked in egg yolk.

Sorabol Korean Restaurant – a popular choice for those wanting a change from seafood. The restaurant is liked for its authentic Korean decor and friendly service, along with the highly recommended Korean barbeque.

Acapella – a French cafe which is liked for the combination of good Western food and a lively, friendly atmosphere. There are different types of live music throughout the week along with special events hosted regularly. The best rated food here includes the Southern Smoke Burger and various sandwiches, along with a large cocktail menu.


Intern China- Acapella Cafe
InternChina- Acapella Cafe


Pinhailou – decorated in blue with designs of the world’s oceans on the walls. The service is considered to be one of the best of the seafood restaurants in the city

Bangchuidao Hotel – provides fresh scallops and abalone served with mustard juice in the southeastern coastal area (No. 1, Yingbin Lu, Zhongshan District).

Wanfulu – located on the 3rd floor of Wanda International Hotel it provides a buffet with a variety of local seafood.


If that list doesn’t sound mouthwatering, then I don’t know what does. Visit Dalian and collect some “real China” experience. Apply now!