Trip to Flying-Sand Beach

Trip to Flying-Sand Beach

Joining life on an amazing beach, lying in the sun, doing a fabulous BBQ and sleeping directly at the awesome sea: that was the headline of the weekend for most of the InternChina interns.

InternChina – Beach

We arrived at the Flying-Sand-Beach in the early noon, with a lot of tents, everything that was needed to have a great dinner and probably a great breakfast, which unfortunately wasn’t there anymore next morning.

InternChina – Coast

After one whole day solely swimming, relaxing and arranging the tents, we had a typical Chinese Barbecue, directly on the beach, which we enjoyed for hours.

InternChina – Beach BBQ

To be honest, sleeping without air-conditioning in a tent was not the same as sleeping in a  five stars hotel. But waking up and seeing the sunrise over the sea and the mountains on a completely quiet beach was an absolutely awesome experience!

InternChina – Beach Camping

Thanks everybody for that incredible weekend!