Trip to Fushan

Trip to Fushan


For last week’s Saturday Event the InternChina crew decided to walk up Fushan.
Fushan Mountain is one of the highlights of Qingdao. The whole mountain range is about 5 km long and the highest peak is perfectly embedded into the city. With a height of 384 meters it is not as exhausting as Laoshan to walk up but the lack of roads leading to the top makes it a great adventure! And Fushan is famous for its marvellous natural scenery.

Fushan mountain
InternChina – Fushan

Our small group of three people met Saturday afternoon to start the hiking trip. Since lots of people who had recently walked up Fushan gave me advice about where to start and where to go, I was quite confident that we would find the right way. But as soon as we got there it seemed to be a little more complicated.

We started our tour by finding our way around a locked fence with a red flag on top of it, walked up a few stairs and that was it. There was no obvious path that lead to the viewing platform, from which, I was told, the courageous ones could start their climb up to the final top of Fushan. Instead we were standing in the middle of pine trees and bushes with only a one foot wide path to follow.

After more than half an hour of following the path it suddenly stopped and instead of the viewing platform we were standing in the middle of graves. The ground was heaped up all around us with yellow squares and gifts for the dead in front of it. This was definitely not the right way. But as none of us wanted to turn around and go back to where we started, we decided to continue on our path. And after a one-hour walk through pine trees and high bushes we finally crossed the promised walking path right where it ended and the climb up to the peak began.

Up to Fushan
InternChina – Up to Fushan

And the last bit of the hiking trip up  Fushan was the best. Instead of walking you actually have to climb up big stones to get to the top. We started with the lowest peak but it was not enough, hence we continued to find our way over stones and through wild bushes to the highest Peak of Fushan. The wind was quite strong on that day but even though we made it to the top.  At the end of our trip we were rewarded with a beautiful pre-sunset and a great view over the city. And our Tsingtao beer never tasted as good as it did after climbing up Fushan.

Victory Beer on Fushan
InternChina – Victory Beer on Fushan

Do you want to climb up Fushan with us? Join us for an internship in China and Apply Now!…. Next time we will take the straight forward route!