Trip to Macau

Trip to Macau

Hello everyone, my name is Nicolas, I am just finishing my internship with Intern China.
I’m writing this post to relate my trip to Macau. The experience was very good. Macau is located next to Zhuhai, you just have to walk thru the border. It is a good opportunity for Intern in Zhuhai, one of the cities where Intern China is based, who wants to go out of mainland China. First, after you pass the border, there is an information desk where you can take a very good map of Macau which is in fact 3 different islands connected together. Just with that, you can plan your entire trip there. Macau was a Portuguese colony until 1999, before returning to China, so it is quite different from other Chinese city. You can see the big influence of Portuguese in a lot of the buildings which make you feel a little like in Europe but with a Chinese touch, it is very special. There is a lot of historic place to visit like different church, some museum, park, etc. All of the place you can visit is well explain and illustrated in the map and some brief historic information is also available. Just in the street, there is a lot of tourism and the people are really nice and helpful. It is really nice to walk on the old center of Macau with all the Portuguese building; there is a very good atmosphere. When the night is coming, the city is changing completely with all the light of the numerous casinos and hotels. You can fell that you are in a king of an Asian Las Vegas. There are a lot of casinos, some of them worth a visit. It is very special and unique feeling to be in a city with a completely feeling at day and at night. Also, I found that it is possible to visit a lot in 2-3 days compare to Hong Kong which needs much more time to visit and to have the impression that you really visit the city.

Things are more expensive then in China, specially the hotel. I personally stayed in the Regency Hotel which is quite nice and is one of the more affordable (comparing to a lot of other one). There is a lot of different restaurant, activity and attraction.

I truly suggest you to visit Macau if you have 2-3 days and you feel you don’t have enough time to go far or to visit a huge city. Macau has different charms that can please a lot of people.

I wish you a great time in China!