Trip to the Old Town of Qingdao!

Trip to the Old Town of Qingdao!

Last Sunday, the interns of Qingdao gathered together and enjoyed a trip to the “Old Town”. At first, we made a stop at a Muslim restaurant to gain some energy and got to know the taste of fresh made noodles.

InternChina - Muslim Food
InternChina – Muslim Food

After finishing our lunch we reached the Jimo Lu Market by taxi. Jimo Lu is the primary bargain market in Qingdao, which is located on Liao Cheng Road. They bargain a large selection of clothing, footwear, watches, bags, jewelry, suitcases, shirts, decoration and toys. We split up in two groups. Understandable, because the girls will take much longer to go shopping. 😉

InternChina – Jimo Lu

Taking care of everyone, we managed to meet after an hour to walk up the road to the St. Michaels Cathedral, also called Zhejiang Road Catholic Church.

This Cathedral is located in the oldest part of Qingdao and is a product of a strong German presence in Shandong Province in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

InternChina – In front of St. Michaels Cathedral

After taking some pictures we went on to the Food Street and some of our interns were brave enough to eat some special “Crisps”. 🙂

InternChina – Crispy

Marching on to the arcade we took a short stop at an empty looking indoor city, which seemed like a city of an amusement park during the winter season.

Getting in the mood, we paid our last visit to an amusement arcade playing all kind of funny games and watching Chinese people dancing to Korean songs.

Can’t wait to do it again!

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