Trip to Yangshuo

Trip to Yangshuo


Hey guys, we’re back from our amazing trip to Yangzhou. We left on Friday night at 7pm (right after work). We hopped on the bus and tried our best to catch some sleep before the busy weekend that was ahead of us.  At 3am we finally arrived in Yangshou and were able to change our uncomfortable bus seats for a nice, Chinese hotel bed.On Saturday morning we were able to see some of the most amazing landscapes I’d ever seen. The awesome mountains surrounded the town we stayed in and looked like huge midgets and they were everywhere.
Our first visit during the weekend was to the famous Yangshuo river.  We jumped on the traditional boats which are made from bamboo – (well we didn’t literally jump on the boats because this wouldn’t have been possible– they were very small!) Somebody else controlled the raft so we were able to just chill out and sail through the unique countryside and take in the view!

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After the boat trip had finished we returned to reality and went to find food as we were all really hungry! Our bus took us to a nice small side restaurant in the middle of nowhere. There we had a great lunch which allowedus to be full of energy again.
Our next destination was to a huge cave filled with amazing geological formations. We walked through this great underground world for about one hour and then returned to the daylight.

Following this visit we went back to the town to chill out and do some shopping. Some of us went shopping for traditional Chinese clothes whilst others stayed in the hotel and prepared themselves for going out in the night. We all had a great night out which meant that for some of us it was really hard to get up in the morning!
The following morning we woke up at 8 o’clock and headed out for another boat trip. When we’d got off the bus a group of cute, small grannies came to us and wanted to sell some water guns. We took the waterguns with us on the boats so most of us were completely drenched within minutes! We had a huge waterfight on the river which was a lot of fun!

At the end of the bamboo rafting we dried ourselves and headed back to the bus.  Then after another 8 hour bus trip we were happy to be at home and reflect on our amazing experience!


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