Trip to Zhongshan

Trip to Zhongshan

Hey everybody,
my name is Isabel and I’m the new intern in Zhuhai. Surrounded by some very nice polite guys (I’m the only girl in the office…:-)) , I preferred to have a real tough trip to Zhongshan the last weekend, to get a change from daily office life. No, I’m joking…;-) Because I’m leaving Zhuhai under 2 weeks, I just wanted to collect some more impressions of China. You are probably asking yourselves, where  Zhongshan is located and why go to that city. Zhongshan is only 70 minutes far from Zhuhai and I’ve heard a lot about this beautiful city before. (On the detail of the map you can have a look)

InternChina-Zhongshan Day Trip Location
InternChina- Zhongshan day trip location

As it happens, I met accidentally Jamie and his girlfriend Helen at the bus station in Gongbei. They just stood behind me in the line for buying the bus tickets and because of killing two birds with one stone, we decided to go together to Zhongshan. When we arrived, we were all a little bit disorientated and not really sure what the ‘must see’ sights were. But fortunately Helen had a map of Zhongshan and so we started to walk around with the aim to get to a nice park. After we walked through a pretty pedestrian street with some old houses (ore maybe they just have an antique look and are not really old) we started to get lost. We finally arrived to the park but in the end we discovered that this park wasn’t the right one. We were a little bit confused but after a while, we found the park in which we actually wanted to go.

On the top of the park is a tower and if you want to reach it, you can easily get the impression you have to climb a mountain. 🙂 Because of the immense effort we had a lot of appetite and we decided to find a good restaurant where we can also have beer. We didn’t know that this would be our next challenge. (If you ever have in mind to go to Zhongshan and to have a good meal there, ask Jamie before) After we meandered, we found in the end a real good restaurant and we had a lot of delicious dishes.

I can absolutely recommend Zhongshan for a one day trip and if you go there have fun! 🙂